Saturday, June 25, 2011

Liam's 2nd Birthday Party---A Cookie Monster Theme!

So finally---after having to deal with work, friends, and family issues...i am a little motivated now to post things going on in the wonderful world of the Castellon Family!

June 22nd was a big day for our son Liam...he turned 2! I can't believe how fast he is growing and how smart he is becoming everyday of course being the rock-star mom that I am...I just had to throw him another lavish birthday party. Well I think it was more creative and colorful then it was lavish.

Liam loves the character Cookie Monste and had started to recognize him since he was 15 months, plus Liam is in love with cookies in general, so I thought why not throw a Cookie Monster themed Birthday Party??? Problem was...any store you go to..whether it be Party City, Michael's, Target, no store had decorations solely based on Cookie Monster, they were all Sesame Street themed. So putting together this party involved a lot more thinking and creativity than I had expected. But the end result came out great! Here are some pictures from the party..enjoy!

You can't have a Cookie Monster Party without a Cookie Bar!
I had mixed a combination of store bought cookies, like Oreo's, Animal Crackers, Pirouettes, and then asked some of my girlfriends who are excellent bakers to bake me some cookies, like home-made chocolate Chip Cookies, and Oatmeal Cookies. I ordered the Sugar Cookies from a friend's bakery in Whittier, CA called Bread and Beyond, to make me cookies in the letters L-I-A-M and the number 2 to go with the birthday theme and colors..which were blue, green, and yellow. I even added in some fun with Cookie crisp for an extra little snack! Everyone got to pick their cookies by putting them in a little cellophane bag and taking it home with them. Guests used pipe cleaners to seal the bags!

I wanted the labels for the cookies and the table to be a little different from just your ordinary paper labels, and kind of go with a more "kiddie" theme... so I found some adhesive chalkboard paper from Michael's to stick to the jars. I also bought those wooden frames from Micheal's for like a label the tables...i think it worked out!
Milk for every person!

I found these straws on Etsy! I wanted to go for a classic look of a milk and cookies theme.

I also wanted to keep with the Cookie Monster of course I added bits of monster tid-bits to go along with my food display...this was one of them. Monster Munch= Pirate's Booty!

Here are the gift bags! They were simple to do...luckily I have great I kept to a Sesame Street saying to decorate the outside of them! They were filled with candy, play-dough, a cookie cutter, and a mini cookie monster book that I found at Target for a dollar a piece! Sometimes there are really great finds at the dollar section at be on the look out!

Crafts for the kids included making cookie monster faces and decorating your own sugar cookies!

The Birthday Boy!!

Of course I always have to go big on the cake! This case is brought to you by Cinderella Cakes in Costa Mesa!! They are amazing in creating your vision!

Having some bubbles out are also a great activity!

Pull String and fun! I found this one for 10 bucks on craigslist!

Party hats were simple! Just some Google -eyes from a local craft store and pom-poms!

Every great party always deserves a great balloon artist!

I hope you find this post very helpful in creating your Cookie monster theme birthday party...I know when I started planning..I couldn't find anything hopefully you can get some ideas from this! Thanks for visiting!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day!

So after waking up to lots and lots of presents, flowers, and lots of tears from me Cesar and I skipped church went to breakfast at Watson's (yum's) , i had the most delicious cupcake ever, then we walked around South Coast Plaza for a bit! It was nice and relaxing and really I felt so special just to be a mom to the best kid in the world!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Birthday!

Even though we were going to celebrate the follwing Friday with Iron Man and dessert at the cheesecake factory..I decided that on my actual birthday I just wanted to ride the teacups with my boys! (Cesar gets sick on the teacups so he opted out! ) :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


SO happy Cesar and I got to go on a get a way trip to Vegas with our best friends Meygan and Casey! We had a ton of fun and lots of eating! This is definitely something w'll have to do again!

On the road!

The best food ad dessert ever!

Meygan won some money on this machiene!

going out to dance the night away!


I love my hunnY!

My feet hurt so bad!

Always an Elvis in Vegas!