Monday, June 29, 2009

Liam's first week!

So the first week of adjusting ourselves to Liam's schedule has defintiely been an experience :) I never thought I would miss my sleep so much! But let me just say that it does help having someone next to you to experience it all. Cesar and I are actually doing quite well switching of f doing the nightly feedings...even though sometimes Cesar does get frusturated tryign to put Liam to bed. He hasn't gotten the idea that you actually have to rock the baby to sleep instead of just walking around with him in your arms hoping that he'll go to sleep. I think in due time Cesar will learn to be a very ptient parent. But for me I have definitely have had fun just holding Liam and taking pictures of him all week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Liam's first Bath...well kind of...

We took Liam a sponge bath today for the first time....our friends Jose and Veronica got to be the spectators (they were over to visit). Since his umbilical cord hasn't fallen off we can't emerse him totally in water a sponge bath is the next best thing to getting him clean! It was definitely a challenge trying to keep him calm through the whole thing but all in all we had fun getting him wet. The best part was watching him calm down once we wet his head...Liam definitely liked getting his head wet!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming Home with Liam!

After being in the hospital for like forever...just kidding it was only like 4 days...we finally got discharged and brought our little monkey home! First off let me say how much I am going to miss the service at the hospital...the nurses were so nice and helpful...Cesar and I literally felt like we were staying in a hotel room..hahahaha! Anyways, gettign Liam in the car seat was definitely an experience. After Cesar trying numerous times to get Liam into the car seatand adjusting it well to his size we came home with our baby! Patches even got introduced to Liam for the first time. He sniffed Liam and then was over it...hahaha...but it was sure nice to be home and finally sleep in our own bed!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First time parents!

The nurses took Liam a bath and combed his hair....aww he looks like a little man!

During our hospital stay and Liam only being 3 days old we have had such a fun time learning how to be parents. Liam already has a personality to him..with all of his facial expressions and such. But of course we love it most when his eyes are open and he is looking at us!Life with Liam is already the best!

Hospital visits!

Grandma is such the expert at feeding.
Grandpa loves is new grandson.

Kylie had fun visiting Liam!

Thanks everyone who came to visit Cesar and I in the hospital. We can tell that Liam is well loved already!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Liam Kai is here!

Ok so after a month of not blogging for like forever...yes I know its been like a month...but our beloved baby boy is finally here!! Cesar and I couldn't be more excited to have this brand new creation of God into our lives. It's funny becasue Cesar and I have now experienced more than ever God's plans and provisions for our lives and now our family's life. See now that is even weird to say that we are officially a family..but its true we are a family and God has totally provided for us...all the way from blessing us with such a good and healthy all the way of allowing us to stay and recover in one of the rare private rooms in the hospital.
So I bet everyone wants to know how it all went down. Ok so here is our story of labor and delivery:
Cesar and I were home on Saturday and I was feeling some contractions..nothing too intense..but definitely noticeable. Then at around 7pm at night I had noticed that my contractions were getting a little bit closer together and lasting about a minute long. So Cesar and I decided to make the journey to the hospital. We went in and they had checked me out and told me that I was about 2cm dialated. At that point I had the decision of either going home to ride out the contractions comfortably until they got more intense, or I can be admitted to the hospital and get some medication in me to kick start the contractions. Now of course i wanted to go home becasue I didn't want any drugs to start my labor...I wanted to Liam to come out totally naturally and on his own time. So we went home and I endured some of my contractions through out the night, although, they were a little bit too much to endure. So at 1:30 AM, and after Cesar getting only a couple of hours of sleep, we decided to go to the hospital again.

Now of course we were thinking that I probably dialated to about 4cm but they checked me again and i was still just 2 cm. So the doctor told me that the hospital could admit me and I could just endure my contractions here without getting the medication. So we said ok and got admitted at 2am and started to begin the process of hard labor. After checking me for the third time and telling me that I was still 2cm after about 3 hours the doctor decided to put me on some medication to intensify and speed up the contractions. This of course scared me cuz I wasn't sure if I wanted to rush the baby out of me...but something told me that this baby was going to come wither that day or the I agreed and left it up to God to take care of everything with this labor. So I was on the mediation through out the rest of the night....Cesar was fast asleep, which was fine becasue I had the most wonderful nurse with me ...and went through a bunch of contractions.

It was about 10 am on Father's Day, Cesar totally sleepy but still coaching me along, half asleep mind you, and I am still in labor. The doc came to check me and noticed that I dialated to 3.5 cm...OMG! I couldn't believe how slow this labor was progressing. So the doc told me that he was going to break my bag of water so that the baby could make his way more down. After he did that though...all I have to say is WOW! The contractions came longer and stronger. I was literally squeezing Cesar's hand with all my strength to make them stop. Soon enough they were way to strong and I needed some drugs!!! So I gave in to the EPIDURAL!

Cesar had to walk out of the room for them to give it to me and I had to stay completely straight for them to give me the shot in my spine. To be honest, it really didn't hurt. All I felt was just a little pop in my spine and that's it. It worked super fast! It numbed me right away and I literally slept through the rest of my contractions! Cesar was so relieved that I had the epidural. I don't think he was able to see me withstand so much pain.
So I slept for a while and when I woke up which was about 8pm, they checked me again and I was told that I was 8cm! Yeah! At that point I was thinking only 2cm to go and then Liam will be here. So after another 2 hours the nurse told me that I reached 10cm and that I was ready to push. Finally we had reached the finish line. The nurse then went to go get a second opinon before she was to call the doctor to come deliver me, so one of the head nurses came in and checked me and had said no that I wasn't 10cm that I was still at 4cm! I looked at Cesar and our faces totally dropped. We couldn't believe it, and I was already in labor for a good 18 hours. At that point I knew what had to be done...they had to do a C-section on me, which of course was not my birth plan and not what I wanted. I started crying becasue I just knew that I had to face the music and get the C-section done to keep Liam from having any complications and any infections.
I got prepped which happened in like a matter of minutes and left to the operating table. My emotions were off the charts...I was nervous, excited, scared, anxious...I was all over the place. I remember just laying there on the table and shaking so much and telling Cesar to tell me everything is going to be ok. He was such a good coach in the operating room..he really stepped up to the plate to be brave for the both of us. I am really lucky to have a husband like Cesar..he knows how to take care of me. Fifteen minutes passed by and then Liam was out! Cesar and I started to cry when we heard his first cry! What an amazing thing to is something that I am never going to forget. But of course I was all drugged up and Cesar had gone up to take some pictures of Liam....and I remember I kept on saying "where's my baby" because I desperately wanted to see him. Finally Cesar brought him over and we had our first family time. Liam was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I couldn't believe he was inside me and that Cesar and I created something so beautiful. It was definitely a miraculous moment.

The next step for me was recovery and boy was it rough! I couldn't stop shaking and my tummy was just in pain. But I slept through most of the pain and when I woke up all I remember is being in a nice private and quiet room with Cesar and my son. And that was it! Now Liam is finally here and Cesar and I can enjoy life with our son. What an experience!