Tuesday, July 29, 2008

wheren were you when the earthquake happened?

well i'll tell you where i was....at work! So i was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden i feel a tiny shake...then i looked over at Jane, another PA at Extra who sits next to me, and asked if she felt anything...after nodding her head in a response to "no"....the whole newsroom started shaking! But here'sthe funny thing...nobody moved at all after it stopped...then i think someone said we should all go outside...and so everyone did! Some earthquake evacuation!! But don't worry Cesar and I are OK!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

it was a fun friday, laundry saturday, and an artistic sunday!!!

From left to right: Jessica's sister, Jessica, Rachel, Meygan, Alyssa, and me!

ok everyone so I had the best time with the gals on Friday! All the married ladies decided to have a night off from their husbands and babies and go out for some dinner and some line dancing!! Yee haw! So fun! Dinner was a blast at Cpk...and then we all headed off to In Cahoots for dancing and drinks! Although it really was just me and Rachel drinking... but we all had tons of fun! Of course Meygan and I were quick to get out there on the dance floor and start dancing...but shortly after we we're all out on the dance floor kickin up our boots! And yes we all wore boots...(well except Rachel....but I know next time she will have some on for sure!)....and dancing with Sean Parr ( although he did have a thing for Jessica, hahaha :) )and some random grandpa's, dad's and respectful cowboys asking us to two-step!! I seriously had the best time with these girls, and I know we are planning another night out...hopefully sooner than later! Nothing beats a Friday night out with the girls!

Saturday though, I woke up at like 10am and had to start doing laundry! Seriously I should have tooken a picture of the mountain of clothes that was building up in the room...but about 4 hours and $50 bucks later...we were done!! So of course Cesar and I rewarded ourselves with take-out (yummy Chili's ) and a rental! Talk about an exhausting day!

And as far as Sunday...went to church...and actually we purchased a painting from the art festival they had at Newport Mesa..a painting by one of the professor's at Vanguard....it was Prof. Ewing's masterpiece of a reproduction oil painting of Newport Beach minus tide....the painting had the jetty's in it and in the distance you can see huntington pier and also has a couple of surfers walking out of the water...a very beachy scene...totally reminded Cesar of what he see's almost everytime he goes surfing! This painting is actually one of the first purchases we've ever made on art...and original art that is. I mean it wasn't that expensive...only about $150..but it was worth it! And actually Cesar and I have decided that our next place is definitely going to have some art up on the walls..including mine of course! When we get the painting next week I'll take a picture to post!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh brother!

Don't you hate it when your flat iron burns out on you? How about when it burns out on you and you paid $120 for it! Well that is the story with my flat iron! I couldn't be more upset...but luckily I did a smart thing and I registered this product and have the warranty and I saved the reciept! So wheeewww! I just hope that it is an easy process of getting it fixed and getting it back to me as soon as possible. But I don't know what I am going to do now with my hair. You see I was blessed with hair that is thick and wavy and seeks out something hot to straighten my hair....so I need to find something that can fix my problem in the mean time! So if anybody has any suggestions please let me know! And let this be a lesson to me and hopefully everyone else...save your reciepts and your warrantys!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Got to see THE DARK KNIGHT and eat at Pinks!

The title of this post pretty much says it all except the part that we went to the Archlight in Hollywood to see the movie with our close friends Jose and Vero and the theater had the costumes and the Bat pod on display......and we waited in line for an hour and 45 minutes to eat Pink's hot dogs.....Cesar was not a happy camper! I have never heard so much complaining from one man in that short (when you think about it ) amount of time. Yea don't plan on going there for a while maybe even Never with the C-Dog here! Ah well I would have to say it was worth the wait! Yum Pinks! more pics to come.....

Happy Birthday Casey!

All the married ladies at Casey's house for his birthday!
Casey's newest editon...Kylie and her crazy unclle Cesar!

My favorit pic of all time with the Castons!
Ok so yesterday was our friend Casey's birthday and he is celebrating his last year in the twenties! Wow dude I can't believe you're going to hit 30 next year! well here are some pictures from Sunday...meygan threw him a party that was all about chocolate...............she had a chocolate fountain going and games that were themed candy bar and lots of sweet things to eat...it was fun to hang out with the ol' crowd. Although we didn't get much pictures becasue Patty forgot to charge the battery and our camera died out! Oh well...but if you all want check out the Castons blog at caseyandmeygan.bigfolioblog.com for some more pics i'm sure they'll ave 'em up!! Here are some memories we have shared with Casey Caston!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

to model or not to model that is the question????

David Beckham meet your match!!! j/k

So got a little too carried away with the camera here.....But isn't my hubby mr sexy? Oh yeah! I think so! And of course I definitely can see Patches on a potential pedigree pup ad!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend with no pictures! :(

Ok so here is a recap of what Cesar and I did over the weekend....on Friday when I got back from work Cesar wanted to go over to my mom's house to go eat his favorite thing in the world....tostadas!!! So we ate some tostadas, talked a bit with my parents and aunts, and then I finally convinced Cesar to go with me to Incahoots..woohoo! So we went and got there at like 9pm, line danced a bit...well actually I mostly danced and Cesar watched...but I do have to say that Cesar did take me out for one attempted two step dance, so that was nice of him...then we left at about 11pm and went to bed. Overall I have to say that I am very proud of our Friday night...for once we didn't stay in and watch TV!
Saturday was a very chill and relaxing day! While Cesar was out surfing in the morning I slept in 'till about 11am! Nice! But I got up and when Cesar got back from the beach we left to hang out with our favorite family....the Castons! I worked out with Meygan...the boys BBQ'd and then all five of us (Kylie included) hung out at the pool for the day...oh yeah and thanks babe for breaking my sunglasses...:) J/K Then we went in and watched a movie! So yea pretty chill day...but of course it is always best to chill with Meygan, Casey and Kylie!
And yesterday was typical Sunday...church ( Cesar played), I went to work, and then just stayed home watching a movie then going to bed! But so sorry I didn't take any pics! I'll make sure to take my camera out next weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

More of Amy's Wedding!

My two favorite girls!
The Castellons and the Nottinghams!
Congrats Amy...you looked beautiful!

Wedding time!

Erin...and the cute hair!
The blushing bride! Cute idea for the cake!

So it's about 11pm on July 6th and we just got back from Amy's wedding! And the party was still going on when we left...guess some of those people don't have to go to work manana! Anyways....the wedding was beautiful and Amy looked so beautiful.....as did Erin and Christy. Gosh, I really need to figure out how to do my hair like that it was definitely cute. But yea I did tear up a bit at the ceremony and at the first dance....i'm such a sap for weddings. I think it's mainly because when i attend other people's weddings I just think back on my own and how that day was just so memorable and how I got a great husband on that day. But overall I like weddings and wouldn't mind going to more...plus who doesn't want an excuse to party. Although I really couldn't get my party on becasue of work tomorrow....that's why I say stick to parties on Saturday people! Well here are some pics from tonight...now i gotta get some sleep for another manic monday!

More 4th pics!

Rosh and Rachel!

Beautiful sunset...shall we call this paradise! I think so!

The Fronz's (Jessica, Mike, and Ella!)

Yea for fireworks!

Happy 4th of July!!

Meygan and Me!

Casey and his farmer tan!

The gang!

Me and Baby Ella! She's so cute!

Happy Independence day everyone! Well I hope everyone had a nice relaxing 4th like we did...it was kind of nice to have the 4th on a Friday...no worrying about having to go to work and all! But we had a great time at the beach with the Castons (m.i.a kylie rae), the Fronz's, and the Gruwell's! We even got to see the fireworks show from both Dana Point and San Clemente! But the boys got to hang out in the water while all the gals sat, chat and played speed...and yes girls I am the champ of speed! hhahaha!!

Patches and Tiffany!!

A little thirsty guys?

Patces got a play date last week!! Our friends Jose and Vero brought over this cocker they were pet sitting named Tiffany. She is an all balck cocker spaniel and Patches loved playing with her....actually he was a little aggressive with sharing his toys and all! He kind of kept on barking at her but she was so adorable! Don't worry Patches...you'll get a friend soon!

Internet is up and running!!

Here's Baby Ella!

Kylie Rae!

So after some time now....well actually some really long time our internet is up again! Yea... time for some more blogging and we figured we would get everybody up to speed on our lives and put up some pictures we have taken over the past two weeks! Well I have to put up these pics of Cesar with baby Ella (the Fronz's baby girl) ...she is so adorable...as well as miss Kylie Rae!! We were over Rosh and Rachel's house for some BBQ and some hang-out time!