Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Dez!

Happy Birthday Dez! Today Dez is celebrating her 24th birthday and I just wanted to let you know Dez that this is the only pic I have of you and me on my digi camera! So don't be mad!! This only means we need to hang out more! hahaha But I Love Ya and know that you're one of the sweetest persons I know and i know i can count on a good laugh with you! Enjoy your day!

Patch in a bag!

Look we finally found a bag to carry Patches in!!!! Yeah! j/k he totall

y hated being in that bag!

Update on the Weekend

Me , Erin , and Kathryn

Erin is so funny! she's doing the tourist pose!
Erin with all of her gifts...the elephant mask was one of them! She loves elephants
The party group! Justin, Cesar, Christy, Patty, Erin, Ashley, and Kathryn!

Ok so here's what we did this past weekend! On friday, Cesar and I caught up on all of our project runway episodes that we missed. After doing so we went to get something to eat and go buy some water. For some of you that may not know...the city of Downey had a foreign bacteria in their water system! Yikes I for the entire weekend Cesar and I had to drink out of bottled water and brush our teeth with bottled water and wash our fruit and veggies with bottled water. It wasn't as bad as we thought but it was totally inconvienient. But anyways! Then Saturday Cesar and I decided to go look at the new properties that they built in Santa Ana. And they are so nice. We are hoping to buy next these townhomes, or condos is something that we are considering. Believe me they are perfect! But we'll see, we still have 8 months left on our lease in our apartment...but we're praying hard that God will bless us with somewhere great to live...which we know He will! After that we went to the mall...cuz it was across the street....and hung out! We didn't really buy anything but we did find this cool store called Foreign Exchange which has really great clothes for a great price...and they're fashionable. But they are only located in Mainplace I might just have to go to that mall now. Then later on that Saturday night Cesar and I went out to Pasadena to go celebrate our friend Erin's 24th. The pictures above are from that night. We went to Villa Sorriso..which actually wasn't that great and was a little overpriced but the dancing later that night was great. We all danced and I made Erin do a shot with me! It was fun for a little while until all the cougars showed up!! hahahaa Our friend Justin was having a field day with that. But it was a ton of fun that night. Then Sunday Cesar and I went to church where we heard an awesome message about blesisng others and how we can get into the action for the Lord! After Cesar and I went to Casey and Meygan's for yummy breakfast. Casey made bannana pancakes...yum... and bacon. Those pancakes were pretty awesome! Then we spent some time with Kylie (which is growing up so fast) and went to the pool and played sequence where Meygan and I totally killed the boys. Remember the bet boys. So that was our weekend in a nutshell...busy but fun. Oh yeah and I totally didn't have to work on Sunday which was a nice change! Ok so dancing with the stars in on right now so gotta go...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Erin!

OK today is one of my besties birthday! So Happy Birthday girl! I admire her so much! She is the fun and most spirited girl I know! Cesar and I love hanging out with her! And I do have to say she has become the greatest shopping should have seen the damage we did laste week! hahaha So Happy 24th Birthday Erin! Love you ! MUAH!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sad :(

I am so sad! One of my good friends Javier left today for a new journey in his life! He is moving to Indiana to start a new career and at Norte Dame...meaning he will be working and living out there forever! I am so sad! Javier is one of my closest friends and i am sad that he's not going to be a mile away anymore! ahhh! I guess this is the reality of adult life! Love ya javier!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Extra closeup's with co-worker's @ Extra's Launch Party!

Tome! Jane!


Extra's 15th Season Launch Party!

Carlos Diaz!
Jerry Penacoli!

NSYNC's Joey Fatone!
My fav "weekend show" partners in crime....Omar and Larry!

15th Season of Extra!!!

Me and my co-worker Jesscia!
A pic with the girls....Reah, me, Jessica, and work we sit in a quad type setting...all of our cubilces are across from eachother! I have a ton of fun working with these ladies!
There's Stallone talking to Mario!
Joe Francis, and Cesar and I!

So last night Extra celebrated their 15th season with a launch party in Hollywood at The Stork! It was so fun...even though it was on a wednesday night....but hey who's complaining right? I mean when the drinks are free and you're with great people...including some's all good!Cesar had a lot of fun meeting my co-workers and he even got to see Mr.. Rocky himself...the one and only Stallone! Other celebs that we saw was Nsync's Joey Fatone who was a sweetheart and took a picture with me. And we saw Fresh Prince's "Carlton", ummm Michelle Williams from Destiny's child, Eddie Griffin, Jackie Warner, SNL's Sherri Oterri and......I don't know if we would consider him a celeb....but he is definitely an icon of this generation..yup the Girls Gone Wild Man Joe Francis! Cesar couldn't believe he was there and of course had to take a picture with him....whatev's i took one too! Anyway we had a ton of fun and i'm glad Cesar got to know my co-workers a bit two of my fav reporters Jerry and Carlos and even Mario Lopez which i do have to say he's doing an awesome job hosting the show! I love my sure has some benefits!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dissapointed :(

So last night i went with Christina ( the most funniest person i know, next to me of course :) ) to go see a screening of Confessions of a Shopaholic and i was a little dissapointed...sad. First off if anyone read the book...then you are not going to like the film. I mean granted they still have a ton of work to do to it....but if it is anything close to what we saw yesterday i don't think it's going to be a hit at the box office! But Isla Fisher did do a pretty good job playing the lead....however i do have to say that the fashion was definitely over the top! Anyways it was fun to see a movie for free....if anybody knows me i like things free! hahaha

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Christy's Bday Dinner!

So we all went to Mimi's for dinner to celebrate Christy's birthday! It was fun...I got to catch up with Erin and Amy and Justin...and learned that Christy will be leaving to science camp next week...that's becasue she is student teaching for sixth graders. Anyways Cesar and I had fun and Cesar even got to know Justin's friends a little bit better too! Once again Happy Birthday Christy!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last night in Big Bear!

The Dock at Sunset!
I really don't know what Meygan and Alissa are doing....but this was great hang out time on our last night at the cabin. The "almost empty water bottle"....Kyle this pic is for you! (Kyle was so anal and hated the waterbottles lying all over the cabin...oh yeah...he made sure everyone wrote their initials on their own was kinda of funny!
Here's Katelyn holding the bottle all by herself!

The cabin we stayed in! Gonna miss it!
Three babies! What handful huh?

Casey, Kylie, and Meygan!
Kyle, Katelyn, and Alissa

Our buff boys!

Big Bear Posing Pics!

The gang...minus Rosh and Rachel...

Katelyn is saying "huh?" , Kylie is saying " ahhhhh!" and Ella is saying " Waz up! "