Thursday, July 30, 2009

Liam takes his 1 month photos!

Today we took Liam to get his 1 month photos done! He did so good. He wasn't fussy at all, he was sleepy though...very sleepy :) We had to keep on shaking him so that he could wake up so this way we could get a couple of photos with his eyes open. I think we got some good ones. The bad thing about getting photos done is that you want to buy all of them becasue they all come out so cute. Well don't worry Cesar didn't let me get too crazy! Our favorite is the one with the bear...Liam's expression is priceless! What's your favorite!

Fun times on the playmat!

So I found that Liam loves to be on his baby einstein playmat! However the most that he can last on there is..hmmm..about 25 minutes or so..not too bad. But when he is on it he loves it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playing with Daddy!

Here are some pics of Liam playing airplane with daddy....although he doesn't really know that but he sure made us laugh!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mama and Papa take Liam to the Fair!

To celebrate Liam's milestone of turning a full month...Cesar and I treated him to a trip to the Faor. Well it was more for Mom and Dad :) We had some yummy pinks hot dogs, walked around, ate, walked around, and then ate some more! What can I say that's all you can do at the fair! hahaha But Liam got fussy towards the night time so we had to leave. But he had a blast in the bjorn though!

Liam is one month!

Wow how the time has flown! Liam is officially a month old and is growing by the day. It is so crazy to see the time fly by so fast...I can't even believe it. I wish that he could stay a newborn this way I can always be carrying him in my arms, but of course I am not living in a Neverland world. But my how Liam has progressed with everything. For example, Liam is giving little smiles here and there to Cesar and I when we talk to him, He knows our faces and voices. His big beautiful eyes are constantly open and surveying the things that are around him. He loves to just look and stare at everything and anything. Cesar and I are also begining to put him on his stomach (which we heavily supervise him) so he can get used to having his tummy time and also learn how to lift his heavy head. And actually he does well with that...his back and legs are so strong that he trys to lift up his head all on his own. I really do think he is a little advanced for being a 1 month old...but I could be totally wrong...becasue what do I know about babies and their motor skills..this is my first one! But Cesar and I can't get enough of our little monkey. He makes us laugh so much with his funny faces and personality. We love you Liam!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So I found out that Liam has a small case of Thrush. For some of you that do not me...thrush is a yeast infection that gets inside the mouths of newborns. No need to worry its nothing actually happens in most newborns and can be treatred with an antibiotic. So we are giving Liam some medicine which he has to take orally and he totally doesn't like it (suprise!) but it made me realize that its important to sterilize all of the bottle nipples by boiling them so this way the bacteria can't come back. See look at all the things I'm learning...and i was thinking that he just had leftover formula residue on his tongue..who knew!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heading out to Santa Monica

After Cesar came back from surfing in the morning we met up with our friends Jose and Veronica in Santa Monica to have dinenr at PF Changs and just walk around the promenade. Cesar finally got to work the baby bjorn..which Liam only enjoyed for a little...and I got to shop ( well just a little). But of course Liam fell asleep in his stroller...while mommy and daddy walked around a bit. Liam was defintiely nice and toasty sporting his puma track suit...too cute!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going to the OC Fair!

Cesar wanted to go but had to work..ahh well his loss!

The most adorable piggies I have ever seen..only 4 days old!

Today Liam and I went to the OC Fair with our favorite mommy and daughter team Meygan and Kylie. We got in for free which was awesome cuz who wants to pay 10 bucks to get in then spend a whole lot more on all of the yummy food...not me! So any little help in saving money is great. Anyways later on in the evening Casey met up with us along with Meygan's cousin Amanda, her husband Kirk and her son Gavin. It was fun..we saw acrobats (which weren't that good) ate some caramel apples, tri tip, funnel cake...and oh yeah Liam slept through the whole day...which was good for mommy to enjoy the summer fair!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visit with the Castons

Our little glamazon!

We had missed our friends Casey and Meygan so much ( we weren't able to see them for the past two weeks becasue they were both sick with the flu ) that we decided to spend the day with them and their gorgeous daughter Kylie today. We ate luch, had some cookies, talked about everything and anything, watched Kylie interact with Liam, and oh yeah Cesar and I even got in a snooze while they watched our little man for a while. Its always good times hanging out with our BFF's! And Cesar and I can't believe how much Kylie has grown...before we know it Liam will hit her age soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip to Long Beach!

Cesar and I took a walk today to 2nd st in Long Beach. It was such a nice day...the sun was out and there a cool and crisp breeze in the air. After having some lunch at Open Sesame...Liam was getting hungry so we stopped at a nearby park to feed him and just hang out with him. Ahhh we love Long day we hope to move there and raise Liam over there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bathtime with Liam!

Our little stud muffin!

Since Liam's umbilical cord came off the 2nd week ( I know he is gettign so big) we decided to take Liam an actual bath. So instead of putting him in the sink and bathing him like so many do Cesar wanted to take a shower with him. So I let him and Liam absolutely loved it!!! He didn't cry or anything. He was so content and loving the water. I am so least Cesar and I know that since Liam is kind of used to the water..this just means that are hopes for him to be our little surfer might be closer to a reality..yea!