Sunday, July 19, 2009


So I found out that Liam has a small case of Thrush. For some of you that do not me...thrush is a yeast infection that gets inside the mouths of newborns. No need to worry its nothing actually happens in most newborns and can be treatred with an antibiotic. So we are giving Liam some medicine which he has to take orally and he totally doesn't like it (suprise!) but it made me realize that its important to sterilize all of the bottle nipples by boiling them so this way the bacteria can't come back. See look at all the things I'm learning...and i was thinking that he just had leftover formula residue on his tongue..who knew!

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Meygan said...

Wow...Amanda and Kirk were right. Gavin had thrush though for a while. Get better soon little Liam