Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Liam rolls to his Tummy!

Liam you thumbsucker!

Went to Disneyland!

"I'm a big kid now.."

Gotta love the bjorn!
Liam enjoyed watching the parade!
On Small World!

So Cesar and I decided to get our Disneyland passes (thanks disney payment plan!) so that we can have date nights over there and also take Liam every once in a while! Liam had so much fun looking at all of the lights on main street and also responded well to the fireworks and the halloween music. We only really went on one ride which was small world, but we loved looking at him having a good time. Also this was a great time to transition Liam to the big boy seat on the stroller...bye bye bassinet! My baby is getting so big! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liam is 3 months!

Lifting up those chubby legs!
Nice to have a different kind of paci :)

Almost holding the bottle all by himself!

Liam the thumbsucker...NOOOOO!

Liam is now 3 months! Exciting! As far as milestones...well here's what he can do now:
he fully can turn over on to his tummy, he is cooing and talking a tuns more and experimenting on his own kind of sounds, he likes to grab things now and holds on tight to them, and he loves to put everything in his mouth. Its funny the moment we give him something in his hand, it goes straight to his mouth! Liam is also smiles a lot now and recognizes Cesar and I right away. His eyes are so beautiful and big and he has lots of rolls all over his body. I think the funniest thing that we notice with him is that when Cesar and I are having a conversation, wether on the phone or to eachother, he likes to jump right in and talk as well. Defintiely a little chatterbox! He is still a little iffy on tummy time! We try to incorporate it into his daily routine, but he lasts only like 10 minutes before he gets fussy. I don't think he doesn't like it I think he just gets frusturated becasue he can't go anywhere..hahaha! As far as cuteness goes...he gets more ( as Cesar lieks to call it ) sexy by the second! hahaha

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new shots of Liam!

Ok so I know its been a while since I put up new pictures of Liam since he turned two here are some of him and his growing self. He is getting so big nad now starting to turn his little body over!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

a little bit of girls time

The brunettes- Erin and me!
The blondies - Christy and Amy!
Christy loved her gift that I gave her...she loves candles and Harvest!

Last night I headed out to good ol' Rancho to have some girl talk and time with the 3 greatest girls I know : Amy, Christy, abd Erin! It was Christy's birthday so we went out to celebrate her turning 25 years old. We ate, laughed , and then finished the night off with some starbucks. Thanks to Christy's husband Justin, we got some pretty good pictures of ourselves. Thanks girls for a great night...I love you all!

Friday, September 4, 2009


the hotel made this out of creative!
Look how you order at Sonic's!
So excited to eat Sonic's!
Cesar working on his tan!

The slot that won us our $100!

Frozen hot chocolate....yums!

The Cirque show before!
The Cirque show after!

We had a great time!

So Cesar and I just came back from Vegas and we had a blast!! Liam stayed with his grandma (Patty's mom) while we were out and about in Sin City..yeah! After Cesar got off of work on Wednesday...Cesar and I headed off to the pool to just go relax, and enjoy the nice dry heat. We sipped cocktails and tans our booties off! It was just so nice to be out in the sun again...I was so white. I hadn't been out in the sun in a swim sit in a while so it was nice to get some Vitamin D on my white pale skin. After that we showered and went to go visit Cesar's sister outside the city. While we were on our way there we were so hungry so we stopped at Sonic to go eat. I was so excited because I have never ate there before...I have seen the commercials on tv so just watching them wanted me to eat there one day. So I finalyy got my chance. I f you must know what I ate I had a chili dog and some tots. After we left Cesar's sister's house we went to go walk around at the Palms Casino..another casino that I have never been to. We played some slots and turned $40 into $115 on slots! It was so fun. So after that we wnt back to the strip to play some more and in the end made $180 bucks! So with our winnings we decided to buy tickets to the cirque show La Reve...which was awesome and so The next day we went to breakfast at a buffet, went to the pool again, finally got to have a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3, then got dolled up to go the show! All in all it was an awesome getaway for two...but boy being away from our baby sure made us miss him so much! So we were defintely happy to see him when we got home!