Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankgiving at My Mom's!

Cesar and I gettign ready to eat!
My mom, my dad, my sister Melissa and her daughter Juliette

Everyone chowing down!
My neice Juliette!

On Thanksgiving we went to my mom's house where we had so much food to eat and had a great time playing games after dinner. My whole family was there...including my neices and nephews! it was so googd...and actually this was the day that Cesar and I told everyone that there was going to be an addition to the family!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day at the Doctors

Well for those that did not know and that includes everyone. Patty and I are having a baby!!!!!
Well Patty is I am just there for support. Today we went to out 2nd visit to the doctors and got to see how our little one is doing at 10 weeks and 4days. I was so excited to see how he or she was doing and everything looks great. Heart beat was strong and in 10 weeks we will know what the gender is.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

fun pre thanksgiving dinner

On Saturday, Cesar and I went to the Gruwells for a liitle bbq with all of our friends...the castons...the circles....the fransz's...and even some new people. But talk about baby central! There was 4 babies there all under the age of you can imagine the nosie level in there. But it was all good nobody seemed to be bothered by it...Cesar and I surely weren't!! Cesar even had fun putting Kylie in the baby bjorn...good practice babe. We love spending time with our favorite babies! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks Rosh and Rachel for hosting a great bbq!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Everyone Vote 4 Patches!!

So we entered Patches in a cutest Pet contest on 104.3 My FM!! So we need everyone to vote for him. If he wins he gets mommy and daddy a cash prize of $5, please vote. You all know he is the cutest doggie in the world! Ok here's how to do it:

Click on this link or paste it to your explorer it's

then go to the box that says "PAS-POW" and click the "Vote" orange button underneath it...
then click "PET 4" and scroll all the way to the bottom to enter your email address.

They will send you a email confirmation which you have to open and click on so that the vote is legit! K!!

Ok everybody help Patches be the cutest doggie ever!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I met Taylor Swift!

So i had a very busy week last week...lots of work as always. But on Monday it was worth being at work late. Taylor Swift came into the studio and performed and did an interview with Extra. It was awesome...I sat through her entire performance and her interview and got to meet her later. She is the sweetest 18 year old I know...and talented!! Let me tell this girl is phenomenal as a performer...she can seriously do it all. Alright no more bragging...but for all of you that know me know that I am a huge country music fan and Taylor Swift is up there on my list of favorite country artists. If you haven't heard her music take a chance on're sure to love. Just to let you all know her new album drops on Tuesday! Yea! Anyways this made my week! Oh yeah ..P.S. she is super tall!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Final Days in Orlando!

So after 6 wonderful days in Orlando it was time to go home! But trust is Cesar and I took advantage of all the amentities the hotel had to offer. We layed out in the pool, we ate room service, we slept in and on the night of the company party...we partied...well actually Cesar partied...hahaha! Good time :) Thanks babe for an awesome're the greatest husband ever...i love ya!

The hotel's pool view from our balcony.

Cesar relaxin'!

Party it up babe!

Cesar and his boss!

Cesar hard at work.

This dragon...all made out of lego's!

We went to downtown Disney one afternoon and ate at Gloria Estefan's restaurant bongo's. A cuban food place.It was so good.

The Magic Kindom!

So on our 2nd we made a trip to the Magic Kingdom Park! The Magic Kingdom park is basicall y a bigger version of Disneyland...and oh yeah it was definitely bigger. Anyways. My favortite thing there was definitely the Cinderella's castle.OMG! It was so beautiful. Definitely makes you feel like a kid again. So we did the usual rides and walked around the park, got to see the parade and finally eat some churros. What an experience :) After the park we met up with Cesar's co-workers and went out to dinner!

Getting crazy on the autopia cars!

We got to see the parade!

We sat front row on splash Mountain and totally got soaked!
This is the haunted mansion...different huh?

Cesar enjoying his churro number 7!

We took a ride on the Magic Carpets!
I love this castle.

Epcot! :)

Ok on the same day that we went to the animal kingdom we also took the shuttle to park hop over to Epcot. Epcot was really cool! We went on some futurisrtic rides and got to walk through tons of germany, france, japan, was really neat. Also they were having the food and wine festival going on which was cool because there was tons of food booths around that offered food from all over the world. Cesar was stoked that he got to have some authentic German sausages and German beer. Also Cesar got to participate in a comedy sketch involving King Arthur and the Holy Grail. He was sir G! That's all I remember. He did great though. But trust me after this day we were so tired. We ended the night with watching the fireworks show at the park. What a fun first day of Disney!