Saturday, November 8, 2008

I met Taylor Swift!

So i had a very busy week last week...lots of work as always. But on Monday it was worth being at work late. Taylor Swift came into the studio and performed and did an interview with Extra. It was awesome...I sat through her entire performance and her interview and got to meet her later. She is the sweetest 18 year old I know...and talented!! Let me tell this girl is phenomenal as a performer...she can seriously do it all. Alright no more bragging...but for all of you that know me know that I am a huge country music fan and Taylor Swift is up there on my list of favorite country artists. If you haven't heard her music take a chance on're sure to love. Just to let you all know her new album drops on Tuesday! Yea! Anyways this made my week! Oh yeah ..P.S. she is super tall!



Meygan said...

OMG...I love her too. She is beautiful and seems really sweet. Lucky you

Christy Nottingham said...

ooo lucky!!! u know me and movie/singer stars!! i like her new song...the romeo and juliet one