Monday, November 10, 2008

Everyone Vote 4 Patches!!

So we entered Patches in a cutest Pet contest on 104.3 My FM!! So we need everyone to vote for him. If he wins he gets mommy and daddy a cash prize of $5, please vote. You all know he is the cutest doggie in the world! Ok here's how to do it:

Click on this link or paste it to your explorer it's

then go to the box that says "PAS-POW" and click the "Vote" orange button underneath it...
then click "PET 4" and scroll all the way to the bottom to enter your email address.

They will send you a email confirmation which you have to open and click on so that the vote is legit! K!!

Ok everybody help Patches be the cutest doggie ever!

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Congrats you guys!!! Much love! Franszy's