Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Liam already in the spirit in the morning!

Patches is angry with me...he hates having clothes on..

Liam and his cousin Emily :) only 2 1/2 months apart
Just soem of my neices and nephews at my aunts house!
My bumble bee!
The Beekeepers and their bee!
Can you believe I made these costumes!!!

Getting a little tired of trick or treating!

Rosh thought it was funny that there was an older bee walking around...haha

Ok what a day today. I am so exhausted! So today was Liam's first was very exciting! Liam was the absolute cutest bumble bee and Cesar and I were his bee keepers! Patches was a bee too but managed to take off his hat this time around. So we ended up going to my aunts house earlier in the day to it was my nino's birthday that day as well...and spent time with the family. I was surprised that most of my family dressed up for the occasion! Anyways unfortunately we had to leave early becasue we had made plans to go trick or treating with the Gruwells and have a little party over there as well to party. I was a little sad that my family didn't have the food ready to eat cuz I wished I could have had more time to enjoy everything that they did...ah well...guess they need to plan accordingly next year! :)
So we headed over to the Rosh and Rachel's house to walk around the block to go trick or treating. Liam loved riding in his stroller while his mommy and daddy did the candy dirty work hahaha. But he did love is Uncle Rosh and Aunt Rachel carrying and playing with him. THe circles later joined us and Katelyn was so cute in her fairy costume! We all had a good time laughing and enjoying eachothers company...and of course Liam was a good baby through out! Liam you did good for your first Halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Liam is 4 months

Toay Liam turned 4 months! Wow! He is growing and learning new things everyday. His new thing is rolling onto his tummy and trying to crawl. I say crawl because he looks like he wants to move and trys to scoot forward but of course doesn't go anywhere becasue he has no strength in his legs. Also he has full control of his head now and is finally sitting up in his Bumbo. On the 27th he went to the doctors and he weighed 15lbs and is now 23in. He got all of his current shots and encountered his first sickness- a stuffy nose. Cesar and I felt so bad for him becasue he couldn't breathe but thanks to Vicks and a humidifier he is slowly getting over it. He still loves to play on his play mat and now has better hand eye cordiantion. Oh yeah and he is a major drool monster. I know he is not cutting teeth but he is drooling everywhere! I am actually having to put bibs on him. He is still smiling a whole lot and still loves to sleep...just like his mommy. I am sorry that i don't have that many pictures of him this has been a little bit difficult becasue our camera broke and is getting! But we can't wait for Halloween to post pics of his costume. So stay tuned!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October is all about the Pumpkin Patch!

it was a very windy day!

After church and after lunch today Cesar and I took Liam to the Pumpkin Patch in Seal Beach (since we were in the area). Even though Liam really couldn't enjoy any of the bounce houses or the pony rides or even the petting zoo, we still mananged to get some fun shots of Liam surrounded by all the pumpkins! And yes Cesar and Liam have on matching outfits! hahaha

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Amber is 13! WOW!

Liam liked his glow in the dark bracelet!
My sister Melissa loves to play with Liam!

The Birthday girl!
My sister Vivian and my cousin Janette!

My eldest niece Amber turned 13 on October 7th and I am in shock of how much older she is getting. I remember that when I was 13 she was born and now she is officially a teenager. So my sister threw her a birthday party at Lucky Strike at the Block in Orange for all of her friends. I want to say that this was her first boy/girl party. It was just weird to see a buch of 13 year olds hanging out becasuse it only made me think about the way I acted when I was 13. really had a definite reality check of how old I am..ahhh! Anyways she had fun bowling with her friends and so did Cesar and I. Liam had to join us cuz are babysitter fell through with babysitting him, but Liam was a really good over there. No fussing at all! Happy Birthday Amber!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Liam is lifting his head!

Liam is starting to get better at lifting up his head while he is on his tummy. But he can only lift a little bit at a time..then he gets tired and puts it down! He is getting so smart!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Liam's trips to Disneyland!

I went Disneyland one night with my sister and my niece Julie...we had fun going on Splash Mountain!

we just had to get Liam this beanie with the Mickey ears :)
Liam has the greatest smile!

Ever since Cesar and I got our passes to Disneyland...we have been taking Liam to Disneyland every once in a while to walk around and just hang out. We love taking Liam over there..we can tell that he has so much fun just looking at the ligths all around him and just being out in the fresh air. Here are a couple of pics from his time at the happiest place on Earth!