Thursday, October 22, 2009

Liam is 4 months

Toay Liam turned 4 months! Wow! He is growing and learning new things everyday. His new thing is rolling onto his tummy and trying to crawl. I say crawl because he looks like he wants to move and trys to scoot forward but of course doesn't go anywhere becasue he has no strength in his legs. Also he has full control of his head now and is finally sitting up in his Bumbo. On the 27th he went to the doctors and he weighed 15lbs and is now 23in. He got all of his current shots and encountered his first sickness- a stuffy nose. Cesar and I felt so bad for him becasue he couldn't breathe but thanks to Vicks and a humidifier he is slowly getting over it. He still loves to play on his play mat and now has better hand eye cordiantion. Oh yeah and he is a major drool monster. I know he is not cutting teeth but he is drooling everywhere! I am actually having to put bibs on him. He is still smiling a whole lot and still loves to sleep...just like his mommy. I am sorry that i don't have that many pictures of him this has been a little bit difficult becasue our camera broke and is getting! But we can't wait for Halloween to post pics of his costume. So stay tuned!