Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Patches is so photogenic! (just like his mommy!)

After Patches got groomed and all cleaned up I thought it was time to snuggle with the little furball!! I love it when he is all clean!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Out with the Nottinghams

Justin and Christy we love you!
aww i can't wait to dress my little Liam! Thanks Mack and Jeanie!

Friday night Cesar and I met up with Christy and Justin at Cafe Tu Tu Tango for some food and some good laughs! Christy and Justin are so fun to hang out with...Justin never fails at making Cesar and I laugh. It was a fun night. And Christy's parents are so sweet...they gave us a bag full of clothes for Liam! So wanted to give a shout out to Mack and Jeanie out in Jersey...holla! And double holla to our best friends Justin and Christy...you guys are awesome!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This weekend....

Ok so this weekend Cesar went off to Frisco again for work and left me a full Saturday all to myself. It was pretty nice I slept in late, I cleaned, and I took some time to shop for some new clothes. It was pretty nice. But it was even nicer to have Cesar home later that night. I always miss him when he goes away for work. So we were home-bodies Saturday night and Sunday night which was great cuz we haven't stayed and chilled at home on a weekend in a while. We're also trying to introduce the baby to some of our favorite tunes. Cesar bought some headphones to put around my belly so that the baby can get some music into his system. Also please say a prayer for Cesar, he found out that he has a small hernia in his abdomen and it is hurting him a bit. Please pray that it is nothing too serious...i don't think we can afford for him to have surgery! Yikes!

Kylie turned 1 !

Kylie was all dressed up in her tutu and ballet slippers!

Like Daddy like daughter!

Proud parents!
Kylie sure loved her cupcake! It was her first time tasting sugar!

BFF's Kylie and Ella
She stands all by herself now!

Cesar being silly with Kylie's play tube!

After the party Cesar and Casey were pooped!

At the end of February, our god daughter Kylie turnes one...boy does time fly. It was a cute party and perfectly planned to the liking of a brand new 1 year old. Happy Birthday Kylie! Uncle Cesar and Auntie Patty love you!!!

Patches Birthday!

Patches turned 2 on the 26th of February and I decided to make him a cake for his birthday! He loved it...well actually he mostly loved the frosting that was made out of cottage cheese. But he enjoyed it and Cesar and I enjoyed watching him go to town on it. Happy Birthday Patches!