Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Patches really liked Fiona!

Kylie was definitely a little pooped!

See even Patches went trick or treating!

Happy Halloween everyone! So Cesar and I decided to spend the night with our best friends The Caston's, and with the Franz's, and the Gruwell's. It was cool...we ate so much sweets and our little "Pumpkin Patch" had so much fun interacting with the Kylie and Ella and having fun with everyone. We even carved pumpkins...well Cesar and I didn't but we got to judge on the best one...and had fun dressing up the girls with my wig! ahhaha

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An End to Animal Kingdom!

All in all we had the greatest time at Animal Kingdom!

Ok so Cesar and I went on this Dinosaur ride and we totally freaked out!! Can you find us?

Orlando Vacation- Day 1 at Animal Kingdom (cont)

On the rollercoaster! the video is priceless!

Ok so the park gave us some buttons to celebrate our first visit and we also tole them we were kind of celebrationg our know in hopes that we might get a million dollar dream gift...but we didn't get anything...aww well wearing the buttons was fun.

One of the most beautiful creatures made.

Oh yeah those are Bats!

Some monkeys hanging around.

Look at that face.

It was nap time for this gorrilla.

The meerkat's were so fun to watch!
Cesar making a gorrila face..there's one behind him!

This is actually a fish..weird!

That's a gorrilla!

We got to see a lioness sleeping while on our safari....scary!!

White Rhino's!
My friend Erin would appreciate this picture (she loves elephants)

Here is a momma and baby! awww so cute!

Orlando Vacation- Day 1

So Cesar and I are back from one awesome vacation! We went to Orlando, FL for an entire week and got to see all things disney! Yea! As you all might know Cesar and I are big, I mean big Disney freaks so you can imagine the joy we felt while there. I'll kind of let the pics do the talking....but let me tell you about the first couple of days we got there. First was a very long plane ride, and Cesar and I were starving by the time we got off the plane so immediately we found a place to eat before we got our bags. Then it was off to the hotel. When we got there the hotel had no more king beds so we had to settle for a room with two full beds. Believe me it was kind of nice having a bed all to that was definitely a problem. Then the next morning, following a big breakfast at one hotel restaurants, we were off to explore Animal Kingdom and Epcot!

While at Animal Kingdom we got to go on a couple of ride with one being a ride that resembles an african safari! We got to see some one of a kind animals!

This tree actually grows upside down...crazy huh?

Hungry, Hungry Hippo's!

This is the famous tree of in The Lion King!

The view on our way to orlando!

Cesar loves to travel with me....not! j/k

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Denisse!

My best friend Denisse turned 25 today! What a milestone! We joined her at Bj's for some drinks and pizza and pazookies! Yum! Anyways I love you girl...enjoy the pics of us over the years! we have had some good times!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ughhhh.....Just 2 more days!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I just want to remind everyone that this month as we all know is breast cancer awarness month!! If you all haven't heard Cesar's mom has breast cancer and has been going through Chemo for the past couple of weeks. However this week it has hit harder than ususal. We had to take her to the hospital this weekend becasue she got sick. She has a very low white blood cell count right now which means that she is very immune to any bacteria or sickness right now. So she has been in the hospital for the entire weekend and we're hoping she's better by the week so she can come home. So all prayers are needed so please take time to say a prayer for her. And just a reminder to all women out there be sure to get checked out! Breast Cancer seems to be a very common thing now a days and there is no harm in an exam.

Hey Everyone!!! Long Time No Blog!

Wow, has it been a while since I wrote on this thing...y'all who read this blog are probably wondering what's up right? Well here's a little taste of what the start of October has been like for Cesar and I...and trust me it's been crazy!! So the Cesar and I got off to a rocky start the first weekend of October. Last Saturday on October 4th Cesar and I went to my niece Sabrina 's first birthday party and everything got off to a good know we were eating some tacos from the taco stand that was set up there until Cesar got a call from our leasing office saying our neighbors took Patches to the hospital becasue apparently he had jumped out of our window. big scare for us. So we left the birthday party abruptly and left in a hurry to the hospital that they took him too. On our way there we finally got hold of our neighbors that took Patches to the hospital and they had told us that he wasn't walking and that he was automatically you can imagine what was going on in my head ( is he going to need surgery? how much is it gonna cost? will he be able to walk again? is he gonna die?) ...however he was stable. Now here's the funny we go to the hospital, walked through the glass doors and see Patches sitting between our two neighbors. The moment he saw us he got all excited and jumped off of the chair and ran toward us. Looks like he can walk after all. So after waiting a good three hours at the hospital and $325 later....I am pleased to announce Patches is fine. He had no broken bones, his spine is all aligned, his organs are fine, everything is fine. One word...miracle! Praise God nothing major happend to him cuz I don't know what we would have done. At least now we know to close the windows when we leave the house.

But this while past week has been so horrible. Not only was work very exhausting but patches ended up getting sick at the begining of the week. He was throwing up, there was blood in his poop and this was all happeing at the early hours of the morning. So that was a little annoying becasue we had to take him to the Vet and take him to work with us...well actually Cesar was the one that stayed home with him and took him to work. Ahh but that's what I love about my husband...he's able to take care of Patches or any of the problems that faces us unexpectedly without even bothering me! But anyways by the end of the week Patches has gotten a lot better!