Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hey Everyone!!! Long Time No Blog!

Wow, has it been a while since I wrote on this thing...y'all who read this blog are probably wondering what's up right? Well here's a little taste of what the start of October has been like for Cesar and I...and trust me it's been crazy!! So the Cesar and I got off to a rocky start the first weekend of October. Last Saturday on October 4th Cesar and I went to my niece Sabrina 's first birthday party and everything got off to a good know we were eating some tacos from the taco stand that was set up there until Cesar got a call from our leasing office saying our neighbors took Patches to the hospital becasue apparently he had jumped out of our window. big scare for us. So we left the birthday party abruptly and left in a hurry to the hospital that they took him too. On our way there we finally got hold of our neighbors that took Patches to the hospital and they had told us that he wasn't walking and that he was automatically you can imagine what was going on in my head ( is he going to need surgery? how much is it gonna cost? will he be able to walk again? is he gonna die?) ...however he was stable. Now here's the funny we go to the hospital, walked through the glass doors and see Patches sitting between our two neighbors. The moment he saw us he got all excited and jumped off of the chair and ran toward us. Looks like he can walk after all. So after waiting a good three hours at the hospital and $325 later....I am pleased to announce Patches is fine. He had no broken bones, his spine is all aligned, his organs are fine, everything is fine. One word...miracle! Praise God nothing major happend to him cuz I don't know what we would have done. At least now we know to close the windows when we leave the house.

But this while past week has been so horrible. Not only was work very exhausting but patches ended up getting sick at the begining of the week. He was throwing up, there was blood in his poop and this was all happeing at the early hours of the morning. So that was a little annoying becasue we had to take him to the Vet and take him to work with us...well actually Cesar was the one that stayed home with him and took him to work. Ahh but that's what I love about my husband...he's able to take care of Patches or any of the problems that faces us unexpectedly without even bothering me! But anyways by the end of the week Patches has gotten a lot better!

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