Monday, February 23, 2009

San Francisco Weekend!

Boarding our flight on the best airline in the world!
Cesar and I waited in a really big line just to ride the cable cars!
San Francisco beautiful!

Cesar being silly!
Cesar couldn;t resist the fish at Fisherman's Warf! Me on the other hand I couldn;t stand the lunch for me came from Boudin!
Mine, mine, Mine! Birds just waiting for people to drop them some food!
Live Crabs!
Cesar and I were walking so much that we gave in and paid $10 for soemone to give us a bike ride! It was actually a nice ride!

Watching all the Sea LIons was fun for me!

Watch out for the Seg way tour!
Stopped in to get a yummy dessert at the Ghiradelli soda shop!
While we were there Cesar and I met up with my cousin Tashina who lives in SF to sit and chat! she actually works at an art gallery nearby.

Just taking a break while we wait for the bus!

On our way to Alcatraz!

This is the supposed hallway that helped 3 prisoners escape from Alcatraz! if you want to know more about it just google the dummyhead escape at Alcatraz!
Cesar and I visited the MOMA- Museum of Modern Art---and yup it was pretty modern!
A Jackson Polluck!
A Dali painting!
A real Picasso!
Some students were painting a mural at the entrance of the MOMA
the outside of the MOMA

For a Valentines gift...Cesar decided to take me to San Francisco for the weekend! we had lots of fun doing touristy stuff, visiting all the sights, and just enjoying being together on a weekend away! It was a lot of walking, but we kept up the energy...and yeeah just fun! Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We have decided on the name :)

The baby is coming along quite nicely!

Today Cesar and I had our "official" ultrasound appointment with the technician where they take a look at the baby to make sure everything is growing properly and proportionately and all organs are there..oh yeah and also to tell you the sex of the baby. Now here's a funny story the ultrasound tech asked me if Cesar and I wanted to know the sex of the baby..of course we said yes ( not telling her that we already know ) and I told her let me humorously I said "Girl" and she said "Yes, it's a girl." My brain seriously froze for a second..I was thinking "What!"Cesar even said "what" out loud..he was so shocked. So she continued looking at the baby and she never corrected herself. So I would say for a good minute Cesar and I were trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we were going to have a girl. They funny thing is, is that I was dissapointed at the thought of having a girl becasue Cesar and I have already mentally and emotionally prepared to having a boy. But finally the tech said " Oops I made a mistake..see it's a boy." She then pointed to his little "turtle" and yup there it was! So with a sigh of relief Cesar and I celebrated once again at the fact that we're having a boy! Yeah! Oh yeah and we have finally decided on a name, if you all haven't heard, our baby boy's name will be...(drumroll) LIAM KAI CASTELLON! Classy, huh?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surf Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we finally got some clean surf today. It has been a while since me and my buddies have gotten out in the water. But I do have to say that something is better then nothing. So today Casey, Mike and I had a Board Meeting at HB South side. We finally came out of hibernation. Also I've been waiting for about 3 weeks to use my new surfboard, and it ride great. Although I did forget to put on a leash ring on my board. I was so anxious to ride my board I forgot the most important part. So just had to be more careful on taking wave and not losing my board.

Austin, TX

Okay well this last Monday I was in Austin, TX home of the Long Horns and the capital of Texas. I am sorry but I forgot my camera this time so I really do no have any pictures to share. I could tell you that Texas is the best place to get some real BBQ Brisket or Ribs. For those that have not been to TX you might think that all the guys walk around the their cowboy boots and people live on farms. Not true, although sometimes you just might run into a real cowboy or cowgirl, whatever. I do have to say that people in TX are really nice and say hello to everyone. Not like here in California you need a reason to say Hi to some one. Over all TX is flat but Austin is the City is hills. Why, because TX really dose not have hills and Austin dose. Well nothing really crazy happen well I was there, but I did get in a toll road that I did not pay for. I went on the lane that says "Pay by Mail" so I guess the rental company is going to get a bill for that. Next time I will take my camera. Well thanks for though who are tagging along my trips. Next stop San Fran. and PortLand, OR

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Wouldn't you want me as a wife? hahaha

So today to celebrate our...I guess you would say our 6th Valentines together...Cesar and I woke up late and then I made breakfast....heart themed pancakes, eggs, and bacon..yummy! After we stuffed our faces Cesar and I decided to take a trip to get a mincure and pedicure but to our surprise Tammy's ( our salon ) was super full so we left. Then we wanted to do something that we have never really done we decided to head down to Olvera Street to eat and walk around! It was fun to have some REAL mexican food and also to shop around even though we didn't really buy anything. Then after we went to go watch the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" which really wasn't all that great. It was good but a little boring and not really a good movie for married couples to see...yea it was bit of a downer! But it was ok. At the end of the day Cesar and I were so tired we fell asleep once our heads hit the pillows! Great Date day over all!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Met our Doctor!!

Here I am at 22 weeks! Talk about growth!

Cesar being bored and taking a picture of his cool shoes!
Trust me Cesar always has a blast at our appointments!

Cesar and I had an appointment today to meet our OB/GYN doctor, and survey says we both like him! His name is Dr Kalmanowetz and is super nice..considering the fact that he took the time to answer all of my questions ( trust me I had a whole list, just ask Cesar). So yea it was cool to talk to him about everything and we also got another chance to hear the baby's the heartbeat. Trust me hearing the little heartbeat never gets old!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seattle and Vegas Trips

Well, I am not much to talk about my trips so do not expect me to give to many details of the places that I show you. Hope you can enjoy the pictures. And remember i am on business trips so some picture may look like I toke them while i was driving. I was.

What a View from my Car

Nice Volcano. Yes, it is a Volcano! and still active. Its only been sleeping for a long time

Get your Fish nice and fresh

City were it rains almost all year

You don't see this to much

Las Vegas:
The Mafia
Vegas Keeps Growing
"The City Place"

The BIG Wheel

If they dont take your money at the casion they will take at the airport.