Thursday, February 19, 2009

We have decided on the name :)

The baby is coming along quite nicely!

Today Cesar and I had our "official" ultrasound appointment with the technician where they take a look at the baby to make sure everything is growing properly and proportionately and all organs are there..oh yeah and also to tell you the sex of the baby. Now here's a funny story the ultrasound tech asked me if Cesar and I wanted to know the sex of the baby..of course we said yes ( not telling her that we already know ) and I told her let me humorously I said "Girl" and she said "Yes, it's a girl." My brain seriously froze for a second..I was thinking "What!"Cesar even said "what" out loud..he was so shocked. So she continued looking at the baby and she never corrected herself. So I would say for a good minute Cesar and I were trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we were going to have a girl. They funny thing is, is that I was dissapointed at the thought of having a girl becasue Cesar and I have already mentally and emotionally prepared to having a boy. But finally the tech said " Oops I made a mistake..see it's a boy." She then pointed to his little "turtle" and yup there it was! So with a sigh of relief Cesar and I celebrated once again at the fact that we're having a boy! Yeah! Oh yeah and we have finally decided on a name, if you all haven't heard, our baby boy's name will be...(drumroll) LIAM KAI CASTELLON! Classy, huh?

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