Monday, February 23, 2009

San Francisco Weekend!

Boarding our flight on the best airline in the world!
Cesar and I waited in a really big line just to ride the cable cars!
San Francisco beautiful!

Cesar being silly!
Cesar couldn;t resist the fish at Fisherman's Warf! Me on the other hand I couldn;t stand the lunch for me came from Boudin!
Mine, mine, Mine! Birds just waiting for people to drop them some food!
Live Crabs!
Cesar and I were walking so much that we gave in and paid $10 for soemone to give us a bike ride! It was actually a nice ride!

Watching all the Sea LIons was fun for me!

Watch out for the Seg way tour!
Stopped in to get a yummy dessert at the Ghiradelli soda shop!
While we were there Cesar and I met up with my cousin Tashina who lives in SF to sit and chat! she actually works at an art gallery nearby.

Just taking a break while we wait for the bus!

On our way to Alcatraz!

This is the supposed hallway that helped 3 prisoners escape from Alcatraz! if you want to know more about it just google the dummyhead escape at Alcatraz!
Cesar and I visited the MOMA- Museum of Modern Art---and yup it was pretty modern!
A Jackson Polluck!
A Dali painting!
A real Picasso!
Some students were painting a mural at the entrance of the MOMA
the outside of the MOMA

For a Valentines gift...Cesar decided to take me to San Francisco for the weekend! we had lots of fun doing touristy stuff, visiting all the sights, and just enjoying being together on a weekend away! It was a lot of walking, but we kept up the energy...and yeeah just fun! Enjoy the pics!


Meygan said...

I wish we went with you guys...even though I know it was a Vday gift. How fun!

Jane said...

i didn't know you went to san fran for v-day.. and i sit 3 feet away from you 5 days a week! looks fun! :)