Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Austin, TX

Okay well this last Monday I was in Austin, TX home of the Long Horns and the capital of Texas. I am sorry but I forgot my camera this time so I really do no have any pictures to share. I could tell you that Texas is the best place to get some real BBQ Brisket or Ribs. For those that have not been to TX you might think that all the guys walk around the their cowboy boots and people live on farms. Not true, although sometimes you just might run into a real cowboy or cowgirl, whatever. I do have to say that people in TX are really nice and say hello to everyone. Not like here in California you need a reason to say Hi to some one. Over all TX is flat but Austin is the City is hills. Why, because TX really dose not have hills and Austin dose. Well nothing really crazy happen well I was there, but I did get in a toll road that I did not pay for. I went on the lane that says "Pay by Mail" so I guess the rental company is going to get a bill for that. Next time I will take my camera. Well thanks for though who are tagging along my trips. Next stop San Fran. and PortLand, OR

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Meygan said...

I have never laughed so hard in my life....are you sure you got your Masters Degree? Can I say Penmanship