Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Liam already in the spirit in the morning!

Patches is angry with me...he hates having clothes on..

Liam and his cousin Emily :) only 2 1/2 months apart
Just soem of my neices and nephews at my aunts house!
My bumble bee!
The Beekeepers and their bee!
Can you believe I made these costumes!!!

Getting a little tired of trick or treating!

Rosh thought it was funny that there was an older bee walking around...haha

Ok what a day today. I am so exhausted! So today was Liam's first was very exciting! Liam was the absolute cutest bumble bee and Cesar and I were his bee keepers! Patches was a bee too but managed to take off his hat this time around. So we ended up going to my aunts house earlier in the day to it was my nino's birthday that day as well...and spent time with the family. I was surprised that most of my family dressed up for the occasion! Anyways unfortunately we had to leave early becasue we had made plans to go trick or treating with the Gruwells and have a little party over there as well to party. I was a little sad that my family didn't have the food ready to eat cuz I wished I could have had more time to enjoy everything that they did...ah well...guess they need to plan accordingly next year! :)
So we headed over to the Rosh and Rachel's house to walk around the block to go trick or treating. Liam loved riding in his stroller while his mommy and daddy did the candy dirty work hahaha. But he did love is Uncle Rosh and Aunt Rachel carrying and playing with him. THe circles later joined us and Katelyn was so cute in her fairy costume! We all had a good time laughing and enjoying eachothers company...and of course Liam was a good baby through out! Liam you did good for your first Halloween!

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