Saturday, October 10, 2009

Amber is 13! WOW!

Liam liked his glow in the dark bracelet!
My sister Melissa loves to play with Liam!

The Birthday girl!
My sister Vivian and my cousin Janette!

My eldest niece Amber turned 13 on October 7th and I am in shock of how much older she is getting. I remember that when I was 13 she was born and now she is officially a teenager. So my sister threw her a birthday party at Lucky Strike at the Block in Orange for all of her friends. I want to say that this was her first boy/girl party. It was just weird to see a buch of 13 year olds hanging out becasuse it only made me think about the way I acted when I was 13. really had a definite reality check of how old I am..ahhh! Anyways she had fun bowling with her friends and so did Cesar and I. Liam had to join us cuz are babysitter fell through with babysitting him, but Liam was a really good over there. No fussing at all! Happy Birthday Amber!

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