Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liam is one month!

Wow how the time has flown! Liam is officially a month old and is growing by the day. It is so crazy to see the time fly by so fast...I can't even believe it. I wish that he could stay a newborn this way I can always be carrying him in my arms, but of course I am not living in a Neverland world. But my how Liam has progressed with everything. For example, Liam is giving little smiles here and there to Cesar and I when we talk to him, He knows our faces and voices. His big beautiful eyes are constantly open and surveying the things that are around him. He loves to just look and stare at everything and anything. Cesar and I are also begining to put him on his stomach (which we heavily supervise him) so he can get used to having his tummy time and also learn how to lift his heavy head. And actually he does well with that...his back and legs are so strong that he trys to lift up his head all on his own. I really do think he is a little advanced for being a 1 month old...but I could be totally wrong...becasue what do I know about babies and their motor skills..this is my first one! But Cesar and I can't get enough of our little monkey. He makes us laugh so much with his funny faces and personality. We love you Liam!

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Meygan said...

I miss him. I can't believe he is 1 month already. Time does fly by...soak up every minute you have with him.