Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visit with the Castons

Our little glamazon!

We had missed our friends Casey and Meygan so much ( we weren't able to see them for the past two weeks becasue they were both sick with the flu ) that we decided to spend the day with them and their gorgeous daughter Kylie today. We ate luch, had some cookies, talked about everything and anything, watched Kylie interact with Liam, and oh yeah Cesar and I even got in a snooze while they watched our little man for a while. Its always good times hanging out with our BFF's! And Cesar and I can't believe how much Kylie has grown...before we know it Liam will hit her age soon.

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Meygan said...

We have the cutest kids ever!!! We loved watching Liam....anytime. It was hard and I think Kylie will warm up to a new baby soon...well hopefully. Love you guys