Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Weekend!!!

So the weekend was exhausting and fun lets see friday i went to juliette's talent show where she played krusty crab in her sponge bob number.........she looked too cute and Patches got a new toy....Saturday I had the most amazing day...i got a whole day of beauty at a day spa in Long Beach which included a full body massage, a much needed facial and a mani and pedi :) so fun! Then I went with my mom and my sister to victorville for my cousin Tashina's graduation party! She graduated from a school up north near SF and now working at an art gallery there.....she was so excited to let everyone know about her new life....and did i mention she got totally drunk that night and had to be carried out to the car...all I have to say is good times! Then SundayCesar and I went to church and I went to my friend Rachel's bridal shower...let's just say it was a much needed vanguard reunion!! I;m so excited for her wedding! Well here are some pictures from the weekend....Now i'm going to bed!

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