Friday, December 5, 2008


Hey guys! So sorry Cesar or I haven't blogged since Thanksgiving! We both have been busy...well more me than him. Plus these last couple of weeks I haven't been feeling well at all! Lately I have been really tired and it has been really hard for me to do anything. All I want to do everyday when I get home from work is lay down and go to sleep! It is so bad...I feel terrible at how lazy I have been. But I hope it the next couple of weeks my energy will kick up. I think the fact that I work almost 10 hours a day doesn't help either. But so far I have been good. I can sense my belly is growing cuz my jeans are definitely getting tighter...yikes! So you can just imagine how depressed i am feeling. But on the a lighter note Christmas is coming which means shopping. And as most of you all know I love to shop...even if it isn't for my self sometimes. Luckily Cesar has been in good spirits accompanying me to the Mall and the stores. I think I lile it better when he comes with's nice to be with your loved one! Anyways...I'll be posting some pictures soon of us at Thanksgiving and other photos we have been taking this past week! And I am so excited...we're gettign our Christmas tree thsi weekend! Yea!

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