Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let's tag along

Well this year I have decided that I will be blogging about my business trips I take for work. So keep looking for new destination every week for the following months.

Seattle, WA
Las Vegas, NV
Austin, TX and Temple, TX
San Fransisco, CA
Portland, OR

Boise, ID
Phoenix, AZ
Madera, CA
Denver, CO

Omaha, NE
Kansas City, KS
Santa Fe , NM

So far that's my agenda. I might have to add a few cities as I go along. Hope you enjoy the Journey. I know many do not travel as much as I do, so if you any question about my travels please feel free to ask.



No worries Patty... one day those frequent flyer miles will take you on a sweet vacation. To INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!

Meygan said...

I'm just glad my uncle Cesar won't miss out on my first birthday!!! Love Kylie