Saturday, August 1, 2009

Catalina Hall Reunion..well sort of!

Old roomies!
Playing some fun and inventive games!
the bride to be gettign showered! old hallmate of mine!
Janna...another hallmate!

Alexis and Esther...hallmates!

Courtney-one of the greatest roommates I had at Vanguard!
The Bride to be - Marilyn...a wonderful roomie at Vanguard!
My old roommate at Vanguard is gettign married in September and she had her shower today! It was fun to see faces that I saw everyday that I was at Vanguard living in Catalina on the 4th floor. But boy was it hot in that apt that it was in...the humidity didn't help out at all. You can tell that we were all sweating from the pics :) But Courtney ( who was my other roommate as well ) threw a great shower for her. We played games, ate dessert, and even got to meet Marilyn's fiance via laptop computer. I hope to make it to her wedding in September...its gonna be on the beach up north near Montery Bay. But it was good to catch up with everyone and find out what everybody is up to. I am thinking we should have a reunion for all our floor members!

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