Friday, August 14, 2009

Liam's and Patches' Trip to the Beach!

It was so hot on Friday that Cesar and I decided to enjoy the cooler weather at Huntington Beach! So we took Liam with us and although he stayed in his stroller most of the time...I can say he enjoyed it. We sure did...and so did Patches, i'm sure he was happy to be out of the house...we walked two miles to the Pier and when we got there we noticed that they were having a Farmer's Market. It was neat...but most people we didn't have any cash on us to buy any of the yummy fruit and veggies. But it was good to get out and it was also a good excuse for Cesar to make use of his new sunglasses! Yes after 28 years of not ever owning a pair of sunglasses..Cesar finally has some. I love 'em...he looks so hot! :)

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