Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Patches vs. Liam

Ever since Liam was born I do have to admit that Cesar and I have not been giving 100 percent attention to our "first baby". So the funniest things happen sometimes when Patches wants attention from Cesar and I. Like for instance sometimes he'll run up to us while we are sitting down and give us his ball so that we can play with him, or he'll jump on the couch with us while we're watching tv and just put his head in our laps. And randomly he'll come up every once in a while onto our bed and sleep on there with us during the night. We love our Patches so much there is no denying that and we hope that when Liam gets older they will be the very best of friends. So to give our beloved pooch some attention..here are some pics! We love ya Patch!

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