Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Castellon's host Thanksgiving!

My set up...I think it came out pretty well!

My sister and I basting the Turkey!
Even though Liam had no Turkey to chew on...he was happy with his bottle!

Liam loves his grandpa!
Look at him already wants to get out of his Bumbo

Happy Thanksgiving! Cesar and I decided to host Thanksgiving this year at our place. What an event! We fit 30 people into the second living room that was set up with tables and chairs for . My mom made the turkey as I was cooking all day . I made so many side dishes...and I am glad I did, we had just enough food. As for Liam...I believed he enjoyed it although he was being tossed around like a football!Ha! But he was happy to be in so many arms of people who love him so much. But at the end of the day it really is all about mommy and daddy's arms!. Cesar and I cleaned up and as the last few people lef our home we seriously so tired. Babe I think this is the first and last time we are ever going to host Thanksgiving! We were so tired. Of course the next day we hung out in our PJ's all day!

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Meygan said...

Patty...thanksgiving looked so nice. I am sure you did an amazing job feeding everyone. We know where we are going next year for Thanksgiving!