Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hi ya!

Hey everyone! Ok so here is a little update post new years on what's been happening in the lives of cesar and patty! Well so far the baby maker is running along smoothly...I am about 19 weeks now almost getting to that 20 week point and as far as i know, baby and mommy are doing well. I do have to say though that i think its time for me to buy those oh so dreadful maternity pants....becasue my jeans officialy do not fit anymore..sad. Cesar and I have our hospital tour next week which i can't wait to see, becasue i think its going to get me more excited for the baby and we aslo have a couple of dr's visits coming up as well. Unfortunately we haven't seen an ultrasound of the baby since the last time we went to Ultrasound Me. Cesar and I are thinking we should probably go back and do another session with them so we can just see how everything is coming along. The only thing that we'd have to pay $25 again, but i guess its worth it. Also i took the liberty upon myself to buy some workout DVD's for me while i'm pregnant and I tried them out yesterday and they're not too bad, meaning their not too extensive which is great. Right now I am using the " Gabrielle Reece: The Complete Fit and Healthy" workout dvd which is great becasue there are specific workouts designed for every month and also thewe are workouts to do after the baby is born. After using it yesterday..i can tell its working...i already feel the burn in my arms and legs. But besides that...let's see Cesar is finally settled into his new office at home and I am still traveling to work out in glendale and Patches is still one ahppy dog! But other than that we're both doing good and just enjoying our time together until the baby comes. Even though we can't wait for the baby to get here, we are soaking up every minute of our alone time!!



definitely soak up that alone time...i'm so glad you're pregnancy is going good patty...20 weeks! that's the 1/2 way point, yay! i'm only 8, long way to go :) and the maternity pants don't have to be dreadful, they have some really cute ones out there now, heck if your planning on more little ones, spring for the true religion maternity jeans and a pair of sevens too! i lived in mine, and will again soon! also, good old target has a great line of nice maternity work pants! love, jess

Meygan said...

I swear by work out videos. You don't have to have a gym membership and you always have them sitting around if you feel up to it. You look great at 19 weeks, even if those jeans don't fit anymore. You still are one sexy mama