Friday, January 30, 2009

new baby pics!

Here is a shot of his foot! how cute!

Here's his little body!
and his face!

So today Cesar and I decided to go to Ultrasound me to get a glimpse of our baby again. So after I came home from work Cesar and I went to dinner then drove to Costa Mesa to get the ultrasound done. And after waiting for like 45 minutes to start our session we got to see our baby boy and was he active. He kept moving around and stretching out his legs and waving his arms and showing his wewe! It was so fun to see him moving around in there! We loved it and we also got a DVD of our whole session as well! Unfortuantely the baby was hiding his face at times so it was hard to get a good face shot but i think some of the pics came out good.


Meygan said...

thanks for coming over so we could see the DVD. Liam is going to be one cute little out Kylie


i can't WAIT to meet little Liam!!! he's so handsome already! :)