Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shopping with a six year old!

here's a picture of juliette at christmas!

So yesterday I went shopping with my sister Melissa and her daughter Juliette, my niece, for clothes for back to school for her and it was the funniest thing to see Juliette pick out her clothes. She is so funny! She is so picky about the clothes and the shoes and the socks she wears...and get this she is only 6 years old! Yup she is definitely a fashionista in the making. And then it was so funny to see her freak out over piercing her ears! I mean she had her ears pierced when she was a baby...but she ended up losing her earrings and her holes kind of closed up. So my sister and I were trying to convince her to do it again and she started freaking out!! It was hilarious! That's why I say if your'e gonna pierce your daughter's ears..... do it when they're a baby...cuz if it doesn't get done then...it won't get done at all!

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Meygan said...

I am the greatest example of the ear piercing theory. 25 yrs. old and still will not get my ears pierced...only my nose