Monday, September 1, 2008

On Saturday!

Here's Cesar and Casey playing with the balls!
The gang! (from left to right : Jessica, Mike, Ella(she's in the baby bjorn), Casey, Kylie, Me, Cesar and Meygan! Better out then in, right Kylie?

Cesar getting in some practice!

Hey guys last Saturday Cesar and I got to spend some time with our friends casey and meygan and Mike and Jessica Fransz! WE hung out at the pool for a little bit... we got over there a little late cuz i was stuck at the salon getting my hair done...which turned out great i should say....but yea we played with baby ella in the pool...she love to splash in the water and then we went to church at Mariners! Which by the way Cesar and I have never been to and it is pretty amazing. They're sanctuary is huge and they have this little maybe i should say big play area with lots of balls everywhere...yea of course Cesar and Casey couldn't hold back playing with them! After we got some dinner and some golden spoon. Then we went back to the castons where Cesar fed Kylie her rice cereal! He's gonna be a great dad!


Meygan said...

I love your pics of the boys playing with the balls. I swear they were having more fun than the kids. Thanks for coming this way Saturday and hanging out with us. We love our times with you both and can't wait for Big Bear!!!! Cesar---get ready to snuggle with Casey on Friday night...thanks to Free Willy

casey caston said...

Dude... I totally thought Elijah Wood was in Free Willy. NOW I have to sleep with Cesar!!!!!!!